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Cloud Services
in a Month

By Karl W. Palachuk

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Bring your business into the 2020s

Cloud Services in a Month is a no-nonsense guide to building an extremely profitable cloud service business focused on small business. This guide is filled with practical and click-by-click advice. Based on author Karl Palachuk’s experience over more than a decade selling cloud services.
Palachuk spells out all the details you need to build a bundled offering of services he calls the Cloud Five-Pack™. In addition to describing all the details of building a unique offering, this book includes dozens of downloadable checklists.

Rather than seeing “cloud services” as a replacement for managed services, Palachuk shows you how to combine cloud services and managed services into the the Killer Combo that will become your business model for the 2020’s.


Hear it from Karl himself...



Cloud Services in a Month

Cloud Services plus Managed Services is the Killer Combo

  1. Tiptoe into the Clouds?
  2. My Company’s Move to the Cloud
  3. Cloud Computing in the Small Business Space

  4. One Size Does Not Fit All
  5. Assessing Client Networks
  6. Placing the X
  7. Money-Making Homework – Network Assessments

   8. Sneak Peak: The Cloud Service Five-Pack
   9. Server Life
   10. Plan Changes and Updates 
   11. Transactions, Customers, and Clients
   12. Managed Services and Cloud Services

   13. One Service at a Time
   14. Managed Service Tools and the Cloud 
   15. Storage Migration
   16. Email Migration   
   17. Microsoft Office 
   18. Money-Making Homework – Migration Plans

   19. Basic Backups
   20. Cloud and BDR Backups
   21. Business Continuity

   22. The Right Partners for the Job
   23. Your Standard Offerings (Your Catalog of Services)
   24. Staff Requirements for Cloud Services
   25. Selling Cloud Services     26. Final Thoughts: Cloud Services in a Month

   27. Cloud Readiness Checklist 
   28. Robocopy Samples
   29. Client Onboarding Samples
   30. New User Welcome Page   
   31. Monthly Maintenance for Cloud Services 
   32. Cloud Documentation Sample
   33. Removing Clients from Cloud Services

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About Karl

Karl W. Palachuk is the author of many books, including Managed Services in a Month, The Managed Services Operations Manual, Service Agreements for SMB Consultants, and the Network Documentation Workbook.
Palachuk is the author of one of the most popular blogs on manages services and standard operating procedures for I.T. Consultants. He is one of the pioneers of the managed service business model.
Palachuk has built and sold two successful managed service (and cloud service) businesses in Sacramento, CA. He has sold and implemented tens of millions of dollars worth of cloud services. In this book he teaches you exactly how he did it.

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